now that was a fun little outing!  got to see lots of folks i know at the show in sac.  looks like a quilt show – primarily quilt related vendors – just no quilts on display.  for me – lots of hugs! 🙂 always a good thing!  and then, a great dinner – even better!  not to mention – we had free tickets to get in, parking was free (as opposed to $10!!) and had a $3-off coupon for dinner.   what’s not to like?!! ^_^

today, it’s back to home depot to see if i can finally get that phone wire ordered.  still having some unstableness here, so would like to get it replaced before it fails completely.  also, the piece i bought to repair the toilet somehow never made it back into my cart. dang!  so, will go plead my case and see if they will ‘give’ me another.  getting tired of having to stand there and pull on that chain until the toilet bowl has emptied.  was regarding it as an opportunity to ‘pause’ from busyness in my day.  ready to let it go now. 🙂 oh, and will see if there is smaller diameter spline to use with the pet resistent screening.  what a major effort to get the other one into that groove!!  good thing i have strong wrists!  course now it’s too cold to open the stupid window.  geeeezzz ^_^

will reorganize stuff so i can take to sell tomorrow at tas meeting.  haven’t been for a few months, so perhaps folks are ready for me again. ^_^  and want to show off the new quilt.  and perhaps unload some of those books!  wonder if the library would want any of them???  hmmm (that’s where we meet – in auburn)  looks like it will be sunny today, so hoping it warms a bit.  always chilly up in garage area if temp under 60 deg.  it was barely 40 deg when i got up!!  poor little fig tree probably not happy now that it’s back outside.  altho, not much warmer in the bedroom where it was! ^_^

ok, time to get to it here.

love and beauty