not all that warm yet, that’s good.  means it won’t get hot.  not ready for that.  am having one of those days – several things i could do and can’t seem to get myself going on any of them.  have myself trained to require a pressing deadline, i guess.  not good.

have just done a drawing and cut fabric for the next beginner kit/pattern.  it’s another reverse applique – a dragonfly.  not sure it’s going to be very easy – pieces are very tiny.  however, it is #6 in the series and i promised they would get tougher.  these are all meant to give you an opportunity to learn and practice before you tackle that real project.  so, i’ll let you know if  it turns out to be impossible to do! 😉  if so, i will modify and try again.

also have some flowers to plant.  plus, as i was looking at one of them i realized it might be a likely candidate for a new Nearly Nouveau design.  we shall see.  may get myself out there sitting in the dirt in a bit.  i have the perfect fabric for it already – which is a rare occurance!!  fate?? ^_^  the problem with the planting part – unless i put them within one of the fenced areas, they will just become deer food soon.  just about the time they are looking really wonderful – gone.  at least down to nubs!

checking my schedule for the year and notice i have nothing in august.  not good.  only one i know of is crescent city and that was so awful last year i swore i’d never go back!  maybe something new will show up.  there is the one day thing in petaluma – but even if i do that, won’t set up a regular booth.  way too much work for nearly zero sales.  will just set up a table or two and sell fabric and jewelry. (have a lot of that to unload!)

and that’s the exent of my ramblings for today = avoidance! 🙂

love and beauty