how could you not smile looking at them!?

no, he’s not walking on his own yet – certainly not because legs aren’t strong enough.  just hasn’t mastered the balance thing. 

and here’s a picture of the raised bed and the small cage where i just planted some flowers.  thought you might be tired of just words here. ^_^  these aren’t the greatest or most interesting pics, just better than words for a change.

you will notice i did not leave my hillbillyness in ohio.  ^_^  and i do plan to make use of those pots when i plant the remaining flowers.

only way i could think of to make sure those petunias have a fighting chance.  it’s enough to have to deal with the awful dirt – deer munching, impossible to survive!

ok, i’m off to shower so i can go buy a new cellphone and get rid of the pos one i now have!!

love and beauty