April 2010

lots of water dripping off the roof – that can only mean there was a ‘pile’ of hail up there that is now melting.  none on the ground – guess it was too warm?? weird.  hmm, probably should have just done this as a comment to that first post.  oops. ^_^

the sun has returned, so howcome it’s so dang cold?!  ok, i know, it’s the blanket of clouds that has been stripped off.  still, brrrrr!    and what about all that hail last night!!?  all the flowers looking like swiss cheese this morning!  and the poor little dogwood is really bending over now.  am hoping it rights itself to reach for the sun.

don’t have anything of real value to share here.  haven’t done the drawing for the new beginner pattern.  have just been working on putting together kits for existing ones.  so, no pictures to show today.  hmmm, did finish another pin – at least the front, it’s not actually ‘complete’.  perhaps will post a picture of it tomorrow?   oh, did find out i am teaching a 2 hour class at the big show in portland in sept.  twice!  so, will have to be putting together a lot of those pincushion kits.  and i must include the polyfil in those.  am also considering offering the option for them to purchase velcro so they could make into a wrist pincushion.  an idea i got from someone else – i confess.  won’t include the velcro since i already submitted the application with the kit cost at $5.  will just have it be an option they can purchase for an additional $1??  will have to see how much it will  cost me.  stay tuned. ^_^

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another class complete – a full class!  and everyone seemed well-pleased.  that’s my goal!  course, anyone who wasn’t probably wouldn’t have come up and told me what a terrible class it was, huh?!  still, the person who set it up and with whom i had stayed the night before – said she had only gotten positive comments – even from the ones who were the most experienced.  yea!

so, today it is raining again.  i will still need to run a couple errands – to the bank for deposit (always good) ^_^ and to restock the wine pantry.  also just had a meeting with dan – my new ‘boss’ for a part time job – office and support for him and his roofing business.  i am really happy about the opportunity!  not a lot of money, but surely keep me in wine and cream for my coffee at least! ^_^  life is good!  onward and upward!

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off i go today, to spend the night with someone in tiny town of volcano.  then, up to pine grove to teach tomorrow.  i was concerned cause i hadn’t heard – turns out, no need for that!  class is ‘overfull’ again.  yea! ^_^  so, just finished loading the van – have done everything else i wanted and now just have to shower and haul the last bit of personal stuff up.

looks like i might just have a little ‘part time’ job to help fill the gaps.  kind of relative – one of those ‘by marriage’ things that includes my ex (tom’s father).  hey, isn’t life interesting in these times – and what a great family you can accumulate if you just stay open. ^_^  anyway, dan has a roofing business and is looking for an office assistant – he’s coming by in a bit to discuss further.  sounds like fun to me.

and here are some pictures of my prolific little dogwood!  unlike most, it’s tall and kinda skinny – and blossoms are not so big – but make up for it in shear numbers!



one day i will figure out how to do these beauties as a pattern without infringing on bobbie’s territory!  HAPPY SPRING!!

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found myself kind of ‘tuckered’ out once back from redding – so haven’t done a whole lot.  also, it’s about the rain.  sometimes it’s just a downer for me – not that i don’t appreciate it, or complain about it that way – it’s just that a crying sky kinda matches my mood sometimes.

so, the sun is shining today and i am feeling better as well. ^_^  realized that while i had posted pictures of the 2 new beginner patterns, i hadn’t shown them as they currently are – pinned to the wallhanging.  once i have filled all the empty spaces, i will unsew that little sashing and sew the blocks in for real.  here’s how it looks now.

the next space i plan to fill is the large one at the bottom.  i have a picture/painting hanging here that was done by rachel a year or so ago.  i think it will be just a fun thing to use and will offer the opportunity to practice all sorts of useful aspects of applique. 🙂

that will leave just one more space.  am giving some consideration to publishing the package with that one open.  that would give you a chance to try your hand at either designing the block or at least choosing something you already have to fill it – or parts of something???  the final touch could be yours.  

my current plan is to offer this as a package like i do with both of the other large quilts – with all the patterns included at a slight discount.  no fabric.  for those who have already purchased the kits and want the wallhanging directions – it will probably be available also – perhaps for $5 like the kits. ??  no fabric, just words and diagrams for block assembly.  any comments are welcome.  oh, yes, the individual kits will definitely still be available for $5!  you don’t have to do the whole thing!  😉

enjoy the sunshine, bless the rain. ^_^

peace, love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

i declare the redding show a success.  not ‘great’, but certainly ‘good’ – by today’s standards.  the only problem, for me, was the furnished poles and drapes.  makes twice the work – i had to hang my drapes on top of them as i was warned i could NOT pin anything on the furnished ones.  ugh.  lots of up and down the ladder cause i have to hang them with the hooks not the sleeve.  probably why my body tired today – must also do it all in reverse, don’t cha know!!  plus – the ups and downs to hang and unhang all the samples.  my my

 i do so love shows at fairgrounds. ^_^  as predicted, acres of green for sophie to run in without a leash – i stayed away from other rv’s and dogs being ‘walked’, etc.   it was quiet, and dark and ‘safe’.  train tracks nearby – something i like.  weather was perfect – mild and sunny.  all is well.  and, chance of booking a class or two from having been there.  that is even better.! ^_^

so, today is about pushing myself to empty the van and run some errands.  can hardly complain about needing to go to the bank – to deposit!  oh, and tom strung the new phone line, yea!  i have a land line again.  so, don’t have to depend on sketchy reception for the cellphone.  life is good.

peace, love, and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

here it is, less than 24 hours till departure and the van remains unpacked.  and now i must make a run to o.max for copies so i can finish the last of what i need to restock.  it’s always something. ^_^

i will be leaving at about 9 a.m. – it’s a 3 hour drive to redding, so that will give me 4-5 hours for setup.  even when moving like molasses i seem to be able to complete in that amount of time.  checked the weather – sunny and warm – yea!  makes van living easier without rain.  wet dogs are not the most aromatic.   well, not pleasantly so.  am really hoping for restroom/shower at fairgrounds.  always lots of open green for sophie to run at fairgrounds.  rv parks have ‘dog walks’ and lots of rules. ^_^

ok, time to quit stalling and just get out of here.  if you are in the redding area – stop by and say howdy! ^_^

peace, love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

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