been workin on the new design sample for a beginner pattern – one of the final 4 i need to come up with to fill that wallhanging.  this one, while ‘simple’, definitely not easy.  the thing i must stress with these beginner patterns – the first 4 are definitely easy and intended for the true beginner.  however, they get increasingly more difficult – but only a little.  after the 4th or 5th one – it’s time to stretch yourself. ^_^  and the other thing these are intended for – is practice!!  as in, practice harder things and get yourself ready for a real project.  the wallhanging is just in case you’d like to save and hang all those little projects – to show yourself how far you’ve come. ^_^  so – here’s the new one – in process –

yes, it’s another reverse applique – and, yes, those are some rather tiny pieces.  but – i’m doing it so i know you can!!

not much else to talk about today – cold and very wet here!  it’s ok, will keep it green a little longer.  my next show is in oakland, with setup being the 9th.  first show with my new ‘partner/helper’ there for the whole time.  sure hope she can actually tolerate me.  i’m not always the easiest person to deal with – oh, not a problem for customers!!  not to worry!! ^_^  i’m excited about the booth – not only have an outside wall but it will be the first thing you see as you enter!  if you look to your left, that is.  soooo, i can use that extra set of samples for the ancient art series.  yea!!  show’s at the convention center, by the way. ^_^

love and beauty