saved a lot for this last day before i must leave – to be done, that is!  haven’t touched the tubs, so must do that, no matter what!  kinda messed things up when i took stuff to the tas meeting! (worth it!) ^_^  and that on top of however i threw things into tubs at teardown at last show. soooo, in order to keep setup time to minimum – good to have everything in order.  easier for glorian to find so she can stock spinners, etc.  hard enough to follow my directions!!

and then, there’s the new beginner designs!  must complete the publishing of each separate kit and then figure out how i want to do the ‘package deal’, with the directions for the wallhanging.  that will be patterns only and will require some new words as well as a new cover – now that i have 7 of the 9 spaces filled.  having said all that – here are pictures of those new ones:


and now – i’d best get on with it here.  hope to see you in oakland. ^_^

love and beauty