as in – won’t do that one again.  sorry, oakland, just not my venue.  nothing wrong there – they just don’t applique.  at least not in the traditional sense – and i guess i have to admit that what i do is definitely “traditional”.  the designs may look “contemporary” but,  they are done with very old method.  live and learn.

having said that – i will also say i’m not sorry i went.  learning experiences may not always feel good during the process – but the benefits are well worth the temporary discomfort.  even tho the discomfort may linger a bit after the actual experience – still, worth it. ^_^

it is chilly and wet again here.  however, the view out my big window has turned totally GREEN!!  will never complain about that!  and there is snow on up the hill – lots of happy skiers, i’m sure.  while it rained a lot yesterday, here and there, we got very ‘lucky’ with both repacking the van and driving home.  some wind, no real rain.  and it waited till after i had hauled myself and all my stuff back down here!  yea! ^_^

so, now it’s time to prep for redding.  hope to see you there!

love and beauty