i am in the process of getting thru something that is/was emotionally devastating for/to me.  while it’s very personal and the details of no real value to ‘you’ – perhaps my current question with regard to a ‘why’ of it might  at least give you a chuckle – if not something to think about.

could it be, that when you have been really ‘bad’ with someone, when you feel like you have hurt someone by the way you ‘are’, could there still be a gift for them buried within your ‘awfulness/harshness’ – i mean, might they not be left with the gift of a new found appreciation for both themselves and their own life!  that after they go scurrying away saying “get me out of here and away from her asap!” they can also return to their real life with an “ahhhh, oh thank you God! i am so grateful for my life.” ^_^  let’s just say – i hope so.  ok, so having said that, let me also admit that the process has yielded some fabulous realizations and moved me farther along my path of healing.  yea!!

on a lighter note – doing my best to do what must be done to prepare for leaving again on friday.  redding – just 3 hours away, not bad.  new venue, so not sure how it will be.  am hoping there is a shower available – the literature mentions ‘full hookups’ (it’s at the fairgrounds in anderson).  most fairgrounds do have showers, tho not always ‘open’ unless horse people there.  there are plenty of rv parks nearby, so i’m not too concerned.

weather here still iffy – with regard to rain.  may wait till tomorrow to reorganize/repack the van.  unless i ck weather report and see it’s getting ‘worse’.  in any event, time to just get to it.

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