here it is, less than 24 hours till departure and the van remains unpacked.  and now i must make a run to o.max for copies so i can finish the last of what i need to restock.  it’s always something. ^_^

i will be leaving at about 9 a.m. – it’s a 3 hour drive to redding, so that will give me 4-5 hours for setup.  even when moving like molasses i seem to be able to complete in that amount of time.  checked the weather – sunny and warm – yea!  makes van living easier without rain.  wet dogs are not the most aromatic.   well, not pleasantly so.  am really hoping for restroom/shower at fairgrounds.  always lots of open green for sophie to run at fairgrounds.  rv parks have ‘dog walks’ and lots of rules. ^_^

ok, time to quit stalling and just get out of here.  if you are in the redding area – stop by and say howdy! ^_^

peace, love and beauty