i declare the redding show a success.  not ‘great’, but certainly ‘good’ – by today’s standards.  the only problem, for me, was the furnished poles and drapes.  makes twice the work – i had to hang my drapes on top of them as i was warned i could NOT pin anything on the furnished ones.  ugh.  lots of up and down the ladder cause i have to hang them with the hooks not the sleeve.  probably why my body tired today – must also do it all in reverse, don’t cha know!!  plus – the ups and downs to hang and unhang all the samples.  my my

 i do so love shows at fairgrounds. ^_^  as predicted, acres of green for sophie to run in without a leash – i stayed away from other rv’s and dogs being ‘walked’, etc.   it was quiet, and dark and ‘safe’.  train tracks nearby – something i like.  weather was perfect – mild and sunny.  all is well.  and, chance of booking a class or two from having been there.  that is even better.! ^_^

so, today is about pushing myself to empty the van and run some errands.  can hardly complain about needing to go to the bank – to deposit!  oh, and tom strung the new phone line, yea!  i have a land line again.  so, don’t have to depend on sketchy reception for the cellphone.  life is good.

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