found myself kind of ‘tuckered’ out once back from redding – so haven’t done a whole lot.  also, it’s about the rain.  sometimes it’s just a downer for me – not that i don’t appreciate it, or complain about it that way – it’s just that a crying sky kinda matches my mood sometimes.

so, the sun is shining today and i am feeling better as well. ^_^  realized that while i had posted pictures of the 2 new beginner patterns, i hadn’t shown them as they currently are – pinned to the wallhanging.  once i have filled all the empty spaces, i will unsew that little sashing and sew the blocks in for real.  here’s how it looks now.

the next space i plan to fill is the large one at the bottom.  i have a picture/painting hanging here that was done by rachel a year or so ago.  i think it will be just a fun thing to use and will offer the opportunity to practice all sorts of useful aspects of applique. 🙂

that will leave just one more space.  am giving some consideration to publishing the package with that one open.  that would give you a chance to try your hand at either designing the block or at least choosing something you already have to fill it – or parts of something???  the final touch could be yours.  

my current plan is to offer this as a package like i do with both of the other large quilts – with all the patterns included at a slight discount.  no fabric.  for those who have already purchased the kits and want the wallhanging directions – it will probably be available also – perhaps for $5 like the kits. ??  no fabric, just words and diagrams for block assembly.  any comments are welcome.  oh, yes, the individual kits will definitely still be available for $5!  you don’t have to do the whole thing!  😉

enjoy the sunshine, bless the rain. ^_^

peace, love and beauty