off i go today, to spend the night with someone in tiny town of volcano.  then, up to pine grove to teach tomorrow.  i was concerned cause i hadn’t heard – turns out, no need for that!  class is ‘overfull’ again.  yea! ^_^  so, just finished loading the van – have done everything else i wanted and now just have to shower and haul the last bit of personal stuff up.

looks like i might just have a little ‘part time’ job to help fill the gaps.  kind of relative – one of those ‘by marriage’ things that includes my ex (tom’s father).  hey, isn’t life interesting in these times – and what a great family you can accumulate if you just stay open. ^_^  anyway, dan has a roofing business and is looking for an office assistant – he’s coming by in a bit to discuss further.  sounds like fun to me.

and here are some pictures of my prolific little dogwood!  unlike most, it’s tall and kinda skinny – and blossoms are not so big – but make up for it in shear numbers!



one day i will figure out how to do these beauties as a pattern without infringing on bobbie’s territory!  HAPPY SPRING!!

peace,love and beauty