another class complete – a full class!  and everyone seemed well-pleased.  that’s my goal!  course, anyone who wasn’t probably wouldn’t have come up and told me what a terrible class it was, huh?!  still, the person who set it up and with whom i had stayed the night before – said she had only gotten positive comments – even from the ones who were the most experienced.  yea!

so, today it is raining again.  i will still need to run a couple errands – to the bank for deposit (always good) ^_^ and to restock the wine pantry.  also just had a meeting with dan – my new ‘boss’ for a part time job – office and support for him and his roofing business.  i am really happy about the opportunity!  not a lot of money, but surely keep me in wine and cream for my coffee at least! ^_^  life is good!  onward and upward!

peace,love and beauty