the sun has returned, so howcome it’s so dang cold?!  ok, i know, it’s the blanket of clouds that has been stripped off.  still, brrrrr!    and what about all that hail last night!!?  all the flowers looking like swiss cheese this morning!  and the poor little dogwood is really bending over now.  am hoping it rights itself to reach for the sun.

don’t have anything of real value to share here.  haven’t done the drawing for the new beginner pattern.  have just been working on putting together kits for existing ones.  so, no pictures to show today.  hmmm, did finish another pin – at least the front, it’s not actually ‘complete’.  perhaps will post a picture of it tomorrow?   oh, did find out i am teaching a 2 hour class at the big show in portland in sept.  twice!  so, will have to be putting together a lot of those pincushion kits.  and i must include the polyfil in those.  am also considering offering the option for them to purchase velcro so they could make into a wrist pincushion.  an idea i got from someone else – i confess.  won’t include the velcro since i already submitted the application with the kit cost at $5.  will just have it be an option they can purchase for an additional $1??  will have to see how much it will  cost me.  stay tuned. ^_^

peace, love, and beauty