April 2010

just thought i’d type some words here to let anyone know i was still here.  have finished that latest reverse applique pattern – tough-ish, not terrible.  however, also not intended for the true beginner!  and i am now working on yet another.  not reverse applique this time.  once it is finished (in time for the show this weekend) there will be just 2 empty spaces in that wallhanging.  i already have something planned for one of them.  not a clue about the other one.

opening day – can you believe it.  weren’t we just worrying about how much we had to do to be ready for santa???  we will be watching the reds’ game this evening – probably already over at this point.  reds used to have the honor of being the very first game of the season.  they are the oldest team and that is why.  but – like most everything else – tv and the ‘business’ of sports has done away with that.  too bad.  and they aren’t a big enough name to even give them the tv honor – yankees and red sox bigger draw, so they played last night.  and thus, there are several teams playing today.  we will see the reds cause tom pays to see them!

weather here has been very interesting today.  once again, i am looking at bright sunshine out the large, west facing window.  but out the north facing small kitchen window – large and ominous and very dark clouds.  in the space of less than an hour earlier today it went from clouds, to some sun, to full sun, to snow (i just hadn’t looked out the window in a bit and didn’t see the clouds return!), back to sun and then to rain!!  spring in the foothills that are also close to the coast!! ^_^

ok, back to stitching!!    love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

been workin on the new design sample for a beginner pattern – one of the final 4 i need to come up with to fill that wallhanging.  this one, while ‘simple’, definitely not easy.  the thing i must stress with these beginner patterns – the first 4 are definitely easy and intended for the true beginner.  however, they get increasingly more difficult – but only a little.  after the 4th or 5th one – it’s time to stretch yourself. ^_^  and the other thing these are intended for – is practice!!  as in, practice harder things and get yourself ready for a real project.  the wallhanging is just in case you’d like to save and hang all those little projects – to show yourself how far you’ve come. ^_^  so – here’s the new one – in process –

yes, it’s another reverse applique – and, yes, those are some rather tiny pieces.  but – i’m doing it so i know you can!!

not much else to talk about today – cold and very wet here!  it’s ok, will keep it green a little longer.  my next show is in oakland, with setup being the 9th.  first show with my new ‘partner/helper’ there for the whole time.  sure hope she can actually tolerate me.  i’m not always the easiest person to deal with – oh, not a problem for customers!!  not to worry!! ^_^  i’m excited about the booth – not only have an outside wall but it will be the first thing you see as you enter!  if you look to your left, that is.  soooo, i can use that extra set of samples for the ancient art series.  yea!!  show’s at the convention center, by the way. ^_^

love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

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