a few days ago i promised (or threatened?) to put a picture of the latest pin here – finally got the extra fabric sewn toward the back so i could take the picture.  that means, this pin does not yet have a back with pin attached – this is only the ‘front’.

as always happens when i start working on pins – i have now ordered beads again!!  from two different places.  it is an addiction much like the fabric – only worse!!  takes a lot more bead orders to get a really good selection to be more ‘freely creative’.  dang!  i’m also searching for a really nice way to display them in the booth at shows.  been pretty tacky about it so far.  i had a box on my order form and then removed it.  it was for rings and i was just ‘hoping’ it would work.  decided not to risk the $18 right now and to just keep ‘thinking about it’ in hopes of coming up with something creative using something i already have.  we shall see.  for sure, there was not one piece of display offered for pins.  am i the only one???

have finished restocking all the beginner kits, so that is good.  will unload the van today and at some point this week decide just what i am taking to the one-day, outdoor deal in drytown.  had originally planned to only take jewelry – to see if i could manage to sell at least a little of it.  then roseanne said, no, bring everything.  a compromise is in order, me thinks! ^_^

ok, washer has stopped and there is a little breeze today, so to the clothesline it is.  happy sunshine!!

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