big benefits.  since i believe that whatever i am experiencing today is a result of what i have thought and done in the past – i must believe that in order to change conditions/experiences it is necessary to change both thoughts and actions.  soooo – i am choosing to start with what looks like something very small.  a daily habit.

so here’s what i have learned over all these many years – some actions have become so habitual as to become ‘invisible’.  rather like the air i breathe and the process of getting the air to my lungs and back out!  for instance – my mornings.  i won’t bore you with all the details, but after i finish my form of meditation(journaling) and reading for the day – it’s straight to this contraption and often that’s the end of all the inspiration i had when i got up from my chair!!!  not to mention i often forget to eat – or even put on real clothes!

today, i chose differently and am happy to report have actually accomplished several things already – was able to stay away from here until about noon – awesome! ^_^ (i was up around 6 am!)  i mean – i showered and dressed!  ate!  have sheets on the line and finished another pin front!  oh, and the thread order came and it is unpacked and repacked. 

so, the next goal is to add a little walking.  i am hoping to adopt the routine i use while on the road – which i do to give sophie some exercise since she will be in the van all day.  excercise is something we both need – everyday!!  so, stay tuned! ^_^

ok, since you suffered thru all of that to get here – here’s your reward. ^_^  the latest pin ‘front’ and the 4 waiting to be done.


look a little like easter eggs, don’t they. ^_^  am hoping the one bead order arrives today.  perhaps i’ll work on the peach one until then.

peace, love, and beauty