often by now the lawn is  tending toward its summer golden-brown and probably even the first signs of those star thistles are evident.  not this year!  as my friend ruth told me, it’s just the way it cycles around here.  this is what occurs as we come out of the ‘drought’ part of the cycle.  so, we had major rain again yesterday – with the usual bit of hail on and off.  most always part of really heavy rain here.  then, just after dark – the rain/hail hit bigtime – the hardest i’ve ever heard.  when i left to come home from big house later – still plenty of that ‘popcorn’ snow on the ground. so here’s how it still looked this morning!


anyone for a slushy?? ^_^

my poor little petunias had just finally gotten all new blooms – replacing the ones that looked like lace after the last hail storm.  and the dogwood had nearly righted itself after the heavy wind and rain and hail – now, bent even farther over than before.  poor baby – those tons of blossoms get heavy with all that water/ice on them!

the afternoon storm had really heavy wind and the rain was kinda ‘sideways, so i’m sure it was already bending over when the late hail hit!

so, obviously, i stayed in all day – till the late afternoon call to get ready to go out for dinner.  combo celebration for brittany’s b.d. and mother’s day.  well, ok then! ^_^   and here is what i finished early on – before moving on to the next one.

sun is shining today and my guess is, it will get up to 70 deg – even tho it was in the 30’s over night and only just 40 deg a bit ago.  seeing mostly blue sky – except for a big mostly white cloud over there on the western horizen!

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