not a lot to say – weather has finally gone sunny.  still a bit of a breeze, which means it hasn’t settled in for the long haul.  there do seem to be some clouds out there on the western horizen!  hmmm

as for me, just did some beading today and finished another pin.  i must admit, there is something poking at me – one of those ‘is that all there is?’ kind of pokes.  a hint of ‘boredom’???  keep looking at fabric and trying to figure out where i’m going.  no, won’t stop doing the applique patterns – just looking at doing something more in the art/ready-made arena.  beaded wallhangings – very small!!  we shall see what shows up.  in the mean time, here’s the latest one.  doesn’t have a back yet, so not officially finished.

and – have you ever gone to the mailbox and opened it to find a million tiny ants!!  guess it’s good i wanted to mail something so the postman didn’t get the surprise!!  used a powder – sure hope they were mostly gone by the time he/she got here!!

peace, love, and beauty