well, that was interesting!  just returned from a long show in fallon, nv.  we essentially had about a half-day show that was spread out over the course of 4 days.  i ended up ok, money-wise.  they did take really good care of us – kept us well fed, at least.  but the show format was definitely NOT good.  they have promised many changes for next year – beginning with eliminating at least one day!!  i will give it at least one more shot as i think it has potential.

then, there was my own little drama – what IS it about that area thay has me ‘lose’ my keys???  this time i did not find them until the next morning!!  which meant i had to be towed to the rv park and had poor tom on call to bring the extra set!  that’s 150 miles, over the summit – each way!!  and the weather was iffy – snow and ice sat. night!  i won’t bore you with the whole long drama – i finally did find them sunday morning.  i had evidently picked them up with the bag full of bags that went back into the box with the register.  i guess i had set the bag on the register table – on top of the keys.  funny thing is – we did search that box before it even left the building!  yes, did take that bag out, set it down and then pick it up and put it back in after checking the register.  didn’t feel them.  only found them when they clanked against the old cc handcranker as i was putting the bag back into the box on sunday morning – having decided to just begin checking everything again.  amazing.  not sure who was happier – me or tom! ^_^

so, all’s well that ends well.  now it’s time to prepare for santa rosa.  and the other two shows i have in june.  also, will be beginning the ‘block of the month’ at the shop in drytown.  will be using the new beginners’ patterns.  so, if you live in the area and are interested – contact roseanne at The Old General Store.  – in drytown.  sorry, forgot to look up the link before writing this.  i’ll post again later with it – or just search the old general store and go for the one in drytown, ca.  there is a webpage.  first day will be june 29th, i believe.  ah, here’s the phone #  209-245-6914.  and here’s the picture of the wallhanging.

yes, there are still 2 open spaces.  perhaps by the time we get to them i’ll have them filled? ^_^  or, i save the last one for folks to do whatever they’d like.

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