well, i expected to see a ‘flatline’ when i checked the recent visit stats given i haven’t posted anything in weeks.  not so.  thanks to anyone who came to check me out!

not sure why i haven’t done this – some of it had to do with being ‘busy’, and on the road.  some of it because i just didn’t have anything worth sharing – or so it felt.  not sure i do even today. ^_^  i certainly don’t have a new design to show.  do have at least one new pin – maybe 2??   it’s tougher to do right now as i’m using the laptop – decided not to risk any kind of ‘infection’ in the desktop – it has everything associated with the business on it.  if i lose that, i’m toast!  anyway, am still wrestling with getting the camera and this thing in sync – grrr.  stupid vista.  brother suggested i uninstall and reinstall the camera – will do eventually.

current news would be the show coming up in sutter creek this weekend.  a lovely little town to visit for a day trip that includes a quilt show – great fun! 🙂  also, i will be teaching a class at The Old General Store in Drytown – as well as doing a drop in, sit and sew kind of thing once each month.  you can also get all that info at the show.  class begins on the 29th – it’s a true beginner’s block of the month.  if you are interested and want more info, let me know in a comment here.

so, here’s a pin – or 2.  oops, forgot – they’re not on this computer!!  guess you’ll have to come to the show!  or i’ll have to figure out how to download better!  ok, here’s a picture of the new rack i’m going to try out this weekend.  i’m hoping it will allow me to transport patterns already hung and ready to display!!

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