for those of you who might have visited here before, like way last summer – you may remember – you know it’s really summer when this beautiful creation goes up. ^_^

no, you are not seing double.  for all these years i have resisted adding one to the bedroom window.  did not want to give up my view of the night sky. 😦  however, the stupid  mini-blind finally drove me to it.  i mean, what good is something that is 90% non-functional?!  yes, it would go up and down – but if it won’t ‘close’???? -well,  not exactly what’s ‘wanted and needed’ in this hot calif. sun!  and now that i am gone working most mornings – sometimes get home late afternoon and the sun is already blasting in.

so, how’s your applique coming? ^_^  i haven’t created anything new for awhile.  am currently teaching a class at the shop in drytown.  it’s an ‘experiment’ – using the blocks for the beginner wallhanging and doing a ‘block of the month’.  hoping it develops into something more with them.  if not, at least they will have a pretty good foundation for their real projects.

nothing new with regard to the house situation.  i have completely ‘turned it over’, so it’s out of my hands!!  just doing my best to remain in Faith and Trust.  oh, there is one bit of news – i’m gonna be a grandma again. ^_^  and here’s a picture of aaron – he has grown a lot since last we spoke!!!  oops, just spent a long time looking only to realize it’s probably not on this computer.  dang – another day!

peace, love and beauty