isn’t this how your work table looks in the middle of making a quilt?? oh, maybe not!  ok, not making a quilt – finally covering the arm of my chair!  while the duct tape repair i had done (using everyone’s favorite all-purpose material ^_^) worked ok while it was cool – not so much in the heat!  got really tired of my arm sticking to it!!  so, just did it!  why the mixer piece, you may ask.  well, i kept looking for something to use to hammer the staples in with – my stapler too fat to fit between the sides of the arm, so staples not really into anything well enough to hold. 

and here it is – the first one done!!  will hopefully do the second when i get back from work today.

isn’t it beautiful!! 🙂   am also going to see if i can do the seat.  there’s nothing wrong with it that a good cleaning won’t cure, but – would just look better, i think.

ok, time to head for shower and get to office.

peace, love and beauty