thought i’d post a picture of how the booth looks now.  have made some significant changes – for the better, i think.  first, i changed the drape color.  have been considering this for at least a couple years.  thought i’d go the ‘cheap’ way again, and see if i could find black sheets and make them into drapes.  then, i realized that to order them from the same place where i bought the poles was nearly a ‘no brainer’.  i mean, 4’x8′ panels, with a sleeve on each end, pre-fire proofed – for just $15 each. my time way more valuable than that! ^_^

and then there is the rack.  copied my friend kieth’s idea (from blue petunia).  didn’t turn out exactly as planned – in terms of how it fits into the van, etc.  however, am liking it functionally.  cuts way down on setup time.  in fact, i am determined to build another, slightly different, for the mini’s.  those are another significant time-hog for both setup and take down!  how do the new racks save time, you ask – they travel pre-loaded!! ^_^  so, here’s a couple pictures of the ‘new look’.


now it’s time to get busy with the next one.  will be a 2 panel folding screen type and will sit in a back corner, i think.  stay tuned. ^_^

peace, love, beauty