and so, another ncqc ‘meet the teachers’ has come and gone.  i was in the very first group this time – soooo much better!!  got to enjoy everyone else without feeling like i was about to ‘hurl’ and having trouble breathing.  what, me nervous?!!!    i felt ok about my presentation this time, still a bit shakey, but managed to say what i wanted about the class(es).  and got a few ‘laughs’ – always a good thing.  however, as i mused about it this morning i realized i had still ‘missed the mark’.  my class is so ‘specialzed’ and has limited appeal – i mean, folks are mostly looking for the latest and greatest new fast/fun thing to do.  not so many there to find out who can show them that thing their grandma used to do.  😦

so, another lesson learned – pitch the trunk show also!!  don’t just add it as an ‘after thought’.  let them know it’s available and make them laugh a little more in the process!!  it IS a good trunk show – if only for the quilts!  some (very) old, some new – a (very) few done by me.  all lovely to look at!  and my words about my life – light and humorous.  i know all guilds are looking for programs – that’s often what gets people to meetings!  altho, my name may not be one that draws a sellout crowd – still better than nothing at all! ^_^ 

so, if you are here reading this as a result of the handout you picked up – please do still consider me. 🙂

peace, love and beauty