big word, that – at least in practice!  i am looking at a very long stretch of days/weeks with no show.   have a trunk show and class, but even those are not till end of august.  ok, there is the ongoing ‘block of the month’ class in drytown – but that doesn’t require a lot of prep.  the other thing is – what there is at the end of this loooong down time is HUGE!!  back-to-back shows that are a long distance away. (that will mean about 2 weeks spent ‘living’ in the van).  and the second one is a biggie and one i’ve never done before = don’t know what to expect.  on top of that, i will be teaching a mini-class while there – on 2 of the 4 days!!

so, here’s the real problem. ^_^  i know me – at least i know the me i’ve been up till now.  and that pattern would be to fritter away the time until i am ‘down to the wire’ and must become super productive in order to finish it all on time!  my goal is to ‘recreate’ myself, so to speak.  push myself to do something ‘productive’ each day.  here’s the part that makes it even more challenging – i also now have a part time job!  that means i am gone some part of most every week day!!  like yesterday – left here just before 9:00 and didn’t get back till after 4:30!  the last hour or so of that was spent on the walking trail (yea!) – still, it rendered me ‘useless’ in terms of the business!

so here’s what i know about human nature in general – ‘promises’ made to another person are much easier to keep than those made ‘in secret’/to yourself. ^_^    so, i am hoping a committment to sharing progress and completions on here will help to keep me motivated.  feel free to send a comment/message to ask how something is coming along. 🙂

  i have just made a long list of all the things i could think of today that i’d like to complete before i head out to walla walla, wa and portland mid-sept.  first on that list – the pin cushion kits i need for the classes!!  i asked how many people the room can hold, to get a feel for the max possible.  32 –  yikes!  do i expect that many?  perhaps not – still, must plan for that many.  that’s each class.  so, am figuring it would be good to have 85-100 of those little kits so they have some choice.  i normally sell those with everything you need except the ‘stuffing’. however, in this case, i must include the stuffing as well.  the rules ‘demand’.  no, we won’t finish in the class – that could require a sewing machine to create the actual pin cushion to be ‘stuffed’.  but the kit must have everything required to finish the project (at home).  so – on top of cutting the squares & hearts, pinning down the hearts, and providing a needle that is threaded with matching color thread – i must also stuff little zip bags with enough polyfil to stuff the pin cushion.  i currently have 45 complete thru needle/thread and 25 with pins only.  i don’t even have any polyfil right now – the one item missing from my last order – can you believe it!!

the second item on the list is another rack – for the mini’s!  goal is to complete that this weekend – with a little help from tom (he doesn’t know yet – i think i have better luck if i just ‘surprise’ him = ask for some help in the middle of doing) 🙂

good grief – maybe i need a nap first! ^_^

peace, love and beauty