somehow this address got onto some computer generated ‘hit machine’ – ok, don’t really know the correct terminology or how it works.  i just know there were a TON of hits on here for 3 days straight – using a weird search phrase.  i’m certain there were NOT that many individuals looking for something about painting plastic chairs!! 🙂  i know when bobbie first got her webpage up and running, she was so excited about having gotten like, 15,000 hits.  soon realized they weren’t “real”. 

had second session of the new ‘block of the month’ class yesterday.  it is going quite well and everyone seems happy.  there were 13 the first month and i know at least 2-3 indicated they couldn’t make the second month date.  so, i was happy with the turnout of 9.  and it looks like a few will take advantage of the free second session that is part of the ‘drop in’ day next tues.  if you live near drytown, or would enjoy a day trip to this scenic area and could use a few applique tips – come visit with us at The Old General Store in Drytown.  that’s on hwy 49 between plymouth and jackson. 

ok, it’s off to work i go. 

peace, love and beauty