August 2010

the date for the second (follow up) class in fallon has been set – it will be oct. 9th.   that is, if it doesn’t snow!!  unfortunately that means i will not be able to participate in the Art on 49 event in Drytown.  just thought i’d put that in here for those of you in this area.  you might want to check it out – looks to be a really fun event.  vendors will be setup along the highway and ‘creek’ (i think), as well as at and inside The Old General Store.  it’s not just a ‘quilt’ type show – more arts and crafts.  should be fun.  rain or shine, by the way. 

so, there are 25 people signed up for the class – that means 3 more than were in the first one.  and that means i will have to do a ‘mini-class’ within the regular class as some of what i teach is a little different (normally) from what folks are doing.  to account for that, i think i will ask for an additional $15 for each of those 3 students.  i think i can work it all in with no distraction.  we’ll just have a little mini-session off to one side at the beginning. ^_^

no pictures here again, sorry.  having trouble working around the computer problem in the picture category.  this laptop makes it tougher to get pictures off the camera – not to mention all of the original ones are stored on the desktop.  have to do the external storage device thing to transfer from one to the other.  sorry.  besides, nothing worth posting right now anyway – picture-wise.

peace, love, and beauty

oops, guess i’d best make a phone call as soon as i finish this – grandson’s birthday!

well, it was a good trip and a great class in fallon.  no snow in the mountains this time and i did not lose my keys – life is good. ^_^  add to that i was able to take sophie and we both were well fed and cared for in susan and tom’s lovely home.  and, the class seemed a success!  that is if the fact that they all signed up for a followup class is any indication!  i am very happy.  and only had a couple of ‘hitches’ – my little omissions, that is.  i was so wrapped up in finishing all the work on the new racks, and the fact that i worked a couple hours (at office, not here) before i headed out friday – well i think my poor old brain was just on overload.  first thing i realized was i hadn’t thought to take the usual irons & boards.  seems like i never need them when i do.  not the case this time.  thankfully two ladies had those tiny little irons, so we made do.

then, i realized i had forgotten the sheets of template plastic – the ones i had ordered especially for classes.  good grief!  and how could i have forgotten to do the little boxes of silk pins???  like i said, overload!!  dang!  somehow we muddled thru and all was well. ^_^

i had planned to drive home right after the class, but susan graciously extended her hospitality.  and given she had been slow cooking some pork  the whole night, which aroma was just too enticing to pass up knowing that it was to become pulled bbq pork for dinner – well, that long, silly sentence not withstanding – you know my response to her invitation! 😉  so, we just arrived back home a little bit ago.  big temperature change while i was gone!!  expected it as it was cool and cloudy up there yesterday, and quite breezy.  saw a double flock of canada geese heading south on the drive home – that’s always a hint!  summer is about done.  where did it go???

and now, i have just a few weeks to get ready for the big, long trip.  can i get focused enough – sure do hope so.  first item on the list for this week is a thread & notions order.  they completely wiped out needles, pens, needle threaders, etc.  and i have to fill 65 little zip bags with polyfil for those pin cushion kits for the two classes in portland( during the show).  if it is ‘out of stock’ this time, i will just go buy some retail!!

by the way, the new racks are working well for talks and classes – still don’t know about in the booth.  the standing screen one is a little heavy, and awkward – tolerable.  and i did finish the small one to hang – just doesn’t yet have a cover or the eye-hooks to allow for hanging it.  soon.

peace, love and beauty

the talk went very well monday night, am happy i went.  drive was fine – do love the mountains.  was really hot here and didn’t cool off till 6000 ft – in fact, was hotter at 5k than it was down here.  inversion – happens at least once each summer.  was hotter in san fran than up the hill a little.  those folks really suffer – no a/c, not used to anything over 70 deg. ^_^

next trip, i go right back up and then on a little farther to fallon, nv to teach a class sat.  will leave on fri at about 2 pm and will be staying at someone’s house.  sounds lovely.  class begins at 9 am.

took the 3-block mini with me today – concensus was as i suspected – get rid of the wide border of the main fabric.  it was buggin me, but just wanted to be sure.  so, there will be just a 1″ border of it and then will bind it in black – which will only show up on the picture as i don’t intend to finish the piece.  or, i’ll just add a 1/4″ border of black???  stay tuned. ^_^

peace, love and beauty

finally found some fabric suitable for the 3-mini wallhanging.  (i am soooo hoping somebody creates some really nice new fabric this fall.  right now, just not finding anything i like – from anyone. ) this one i found on the shelf at The Old General Store in Drytown – where i’m doing that new class.  it seemed a little out of place – haven’t asked roseanne howcome she bought it – doesn’t seem to have any ‘friends’.  as it turns out, it’s the perfect scale for the mini-ginko’s.  oh, and i even drew up a new one – i finally shrunk down the very first design i did – the original 3-leaf ginko.  i tried it once before, so the drawing was essentially done.  realized i had to make those indents much shallower.  and this fabric really works, pattern is just the right scale.  yea!  so yes, that means i have a new mini as well as a new kit for the wallhanging.  i also packaged some individual kits and patterns for the new individual design for #1.  that means i must make some changes to how i have some things hung on that new rack.  it’s ok – will not take that long.   so, here’s the picture:

the kit is $27 and will only be available at shows – as in, not on the page.  if you love it, you can order via email and send me a check. ^_^  the new little #1 is at the bottom.  that pattern($6) and kit ($2.25)will be on the page.  actually, i think i have the kits listed as the combo=$8.25 for both pattern & fabric together.

ok, it’s time to drag myself up and get busy staining the first rack.  want it black like the mini one.  thought i wanted them ‘flat’, now maybe wishing i had bought the stain with poly included.  was afraid of chipping with how i will have to manhandle them in and out of van, etc.  does anyone know the right paste wax i could use?? not for a real shine, just ‘softer’ look.

good grief, it’s nearly 2:00, no wonder i’m hungry!  lunch first

peace, love and beauty

those stats look like somebody flatlined.  that’s what happens when you go away!!  i do have an excuse – my old computer finally had a failure – that thing that has been in the process of failing for at least 5 years – finally did.  the result is – can’t get online with it.  everything else fine – which everything else is just my whole business!!

this laptop is vista and on first attempt i wasn’t able to make the camera software work properly, so it was just a pain to download pictures – and without pictures, these posts can be kinda boring, i think.  hmmm, now it looks like i’m not online here for some reason – got the ‘lost connection’ message – but looks ok ????  aaaarrrggghhh  as i was saying – had to come up with a way to transfer pictures from one computer to the other.  yes, easy enough if you have one of those little, new fangled ‘drives’ laying around.  i had just one, and it’s being used to backup all that business data, didn’t want to mess with it.  recently got a second one – actually belongs to dan (pseudo-relative – i am helping out in his office).  decided i could use it – no harm done!

so, here are the long ago promised pictures of the new rack for the mini patterns and kits – with and without its ‘dress’.  am having fun coloring those designs in.  am using the inks i bought several years ago.  like them a lot!  no brushes to wash, no drying out, etc.  am hoping i see them again at a show – have just 24 colors and would like some more.  just one purple!!  can you believe it?!! 😉

while it will be a big timesaver – it is a bit awkward to handle alone.  not impossible – certainly managed to carry it around to take these pictures and then put it into the van – mostly to see if i could. 🙂  an opportunity to ask for assistance. ^_^   also, have been looking at setup options – how it’s actually going to fit into the booth with regard to wallspace for hanging samples, etc.  keep your fingers crossed! 🙂   really don’t know how i’m going to deal with the smaller size at piqf!  that 8 ft depth is a killer – amazing how much difference 2 feet on each side can make.

peace, love and beauty

the new rack, for the mini’s, is finished.  unfortunately i didn’t get a picture yet.  i promise to do that tomorrow and get it posted.  also, i must make a cover for it as it will have to ride on its side in the van.  my biggest concern right now is – how far is 5 feet from the back door???  i know, you’d think i would have measured that before i built the stupid thing!!  what can i say.  just like with the first one – all i could think about was function and how it would fit in the booth.  forgot completely about how it would fit in the van!!  i got really lucky with the first one – am hoping i am as blessed this time!  i know it will fit – if necessary it can ride right next to the other.  just means it would extend into the slider opening a little.  (the other one is just over 4 feet long, so this one less than a foot longer. )  i want it to ride on the other side – so it will be at my head, rather than my feet, when i must sleep in there along with the whole ‘booth’!  usually that is just for one night going and coming to a far away show.  in sept. it will be for both those 2 nights, plus the days between the end of the show in walla walla and the setup in portland.  going to be tight quarters for sophie and me. ^_^  hmmm, could be the door side/feet side is the better option!  i will check it out tomorrow after work!!

ok, i guess that’s enough rambling senseless stuff.  i mean, tough for anyone to get it without a picture or two!  stay tuned. ^_^

peace, love and beauty