the new rack, for the mini’s, is finished.  unfortunately i didn’t get a picture yet.  i promise to do that tomorrow and get it posted.  also, i must make a cover for it as it will have to ride on its side in the van.  my biggest concern right now is – how far is 5 feet from the back door???  i know, you’d think i would have measured that before i built the stupid thing!!  what can i say.  just like with the first one – all i could think about was function and how it would fit in the booth.  forgot completely about how it would fit in the van!!  i got really lucky with the first one – am hoping i am as blessed this time!  i know it will fit – if necessary it can ride right next to the other.  just means it would extend into the slider opening a little.  (the other one is just over 4 feet long, so this one less than a foot longer. )  i want it to ride on the other side – so it will be at my head, rather than my feet, when i must sleep in there along with the whole ‘booth’!  usually that is just for one night going and coming to a far away show.  in sept. it will be for both those 2 nights, plus the days between the end of the show in walla walla and the setup in portland.  going to be tight quarters for sophie and me. ^_^  hmmm, could be the door side/feet side is the better option!  i will check it out tomorrow after work!!

ok, i guess that’s enough rambling senseless stuff.  i mean, tough for anyone to get it without a picture or two!  stay tuned. ^_^

peace, love and beauty