those stats look like somebody flatlined.  that’s what happens when you go away!!  i do have an excuse – my old computer finally had a failure – that thing that has been in the process of failing for at least 5 years – finally did.  the result is – can’t get online with it.  everything else fine – which everything else is just my whole business!!

this laptop is vista and on first attempt i wasn’t able to make the camera software work properly, so it was just a pain to download pictures – and without pictures, these posts can be kinda boring, i think.  hmmm, now it looks like i’m not online here for some reason – got the ‘lost connection’ message – but looks ok ????  aaaarrrggghhh  as i was saying – had to come up with a way to transfer pictures from one computer to the other.  yes, easy enough if you have one of those little, new fangled ‘drives’ laying around.  i had just one, and it’s being used to backup all that business data, didn’t want to mess with it.  recently got a second one – actually belongs to dan (pseudo-relative – i am helping out in his office).  decided i could use it – no harm done!

so, here are the long ago promised pictures of the new rack for the mini patterns and kits – with and without its ‘dress’.  am having fun coloring those designs in.  am using the inks i bought several years ago.  like them a lot!  no brushes to wash, no drying out, etc.  am hoping i see them again at a show – have just 24 colors and would like some more.  just one purple!!  can you believe it?!! 😉

while it will be a big timesaver – it is a bit awkward to handle alone.  not impossible – certainly managed to carry it around to take these pictures and then put it into the van – mostly to see if i could. 🙂  an opportunity to ask for assistance. ^_^   also, have been looking at setup options – how it’s actually going to fit into the booth with regard to wallspace for hanging samples, etc.  keep your fingers crossed! 🙂   really don’t know how i’m going to deal with the smaller size at piqf!  that 8 ft depth is a killer – amazing how much difference 2 feet on each side can make.

peace, love and beauty