finally found some fabric suitable for the 3-mini wallhanging.  (i am soooo hoping somebody creates some really nice new fabric this fall.  right now, just not finding anything i like – from anyone. ) this one i found on the shelf at The Old General Store in Drytown – where i’m doing that new class.  it seemed a little out of place – haven’t asked roseanne howcome she bought it – doesn’t seem to have any ‘friends’.  as it turns out, it’s the perfect scale for the mini-ginko’s.  oh, and i even drew up a new one – i finally shrunk down the very first design i did – the original 3-leaf ginko.  i tried it once before, so the drawing was essentially done.  realized i had to make those indents much shallower.  and this fabric really works, pattern is just the right scale.  yea!  so yes, that means i have a new mini as well as a new kit for the wallhanging.  i also packaged some individual kits and patterns for the new individual design for #1.  that means i must make some changes to how i have some things hung on that new rack.  it’s ok – will not take that long.   so, here’s the picture:

the kit is $27 and will only be available at shows – as in, not on the page.  if you love it, you can order via email and send me a check. ^_^  the new little #1 is at the bottom.  that pattern($6) and kit ($2.25)will be on the page.  actually, i think i have the kits listed as the combo=$8.25 for both pattern & fabric together.

ok, it’s time to drag myself up and get busy staining the first rack.  want it black like the mini one.  thought i wanted them ‘flat’, now maybe wishing i had bought the stain with poly included.  was afraid of chipping with how i will have to manhandle them in and out of van, etc.  does anyone know the right paste wax i could use?? not for a real shine, just ‘softer’ look.

good grief, it’s nearly 2:00, no wonder i’m hungry!  lunch first

peace, love and beauty