the talk went very well monday night, am happy i went.  drive was fine – do love the mountains.  was really hot here and didn’t cool off till 6000 ft – in fact, was hotter at 5k than it was down here.  inversion – happens at least once each summer.  was hotter in san fran than up the hill a little.  those folks really suffer – no a/c, not used to anything over 70 deg. ^_^

next trip, i go right back up and then on a little farther to fallon, nv to teach a class sat.  will leave on fri at about 2 pm and will be staying at someone’s house.  sounds lovely.  class begins at 9 am.

took the 3-block mini with me today – concensus was as i suspected – get rid of the wide border of the main fabric.  it was buggin me, but just wanted to be sure.  so, there will be just a 1″ border of it and then will bind it in black – which will only show up on the picture as i don’t intend to finish the piece.  or, i’ll just add a 1/4″ border of black???  stay tuned. ^_^

peace, love and beauty