oops, guess i’d best make a phone call as soon as i finish this – grandson’s birthday!

well, it was a good trip and a great class in fallon.  no snow in the mountains this time and i did not lose my keys – life is good. ^_^  add to that i was able to take sophie and we both were well fed and cared for in susan and tom’s lovely home.  and, the class seemed a success!  that is if the fact that they all signed up for a followup class is any indication!  i am very happy.  and only had a couple of ‘hitches’ – my little omissions, that is.  i was so wrapped up in finishing all the work on the new racks, and the fact that i worked a couple hours (at office, not here) before i headed out friday – well i think my poor old brain was just on overload.  first thing i realized was i hadn’t thought to take the usual irons & boards.  seems like i never need them when i do.  not the case this time.  thankfully two ladies had those tiny little irons, so we made do.

then, i realized i had forgotten the sheets of template plastic – the ones i had ordered especially for classes.  good grief!  and how could i have forgotten to do the little boxes of silk pins???  like i said, overload!!  dang!  somehow we muddled thru and all was well. ^_^

i had planned to drive home right after the class, but susan graciously extended her hospitality.  and given she had been slow cooking some pork  the whole night, which aroma was just too enticing to pass up knowing that it was to become pulled bbq pork for dinner – well, that long, silly sentence not withstanding – you know my response to her invitation! 😉  so, we just arrived back home a little bit ago.  big temperature change while i was gone!!  expected it as it was cool and cloudy up there yesterday, and quite breezy.  saw a double flock of canada geese heading south on the drive home – that’s always a hint!  summer is about done.  where did it go???

and now, i have just a few weeks to get ready for the big, long trip.  can i get focused enough – sure do hope so.  first item on the list for this week is a thread & notions order.  they completely wiped out needles, pens, needle threaders, etc.  and i have to fill 65 little zip bags with polyfil for those pin cushion kits for the two classes in portland( during the show).  if it is ‘out of stock’ this time, i will just go buy some retail!!

by the way, the new racks are working well for talks and classes – still don’t know about in the booth.  the standing screen one is a little heavy, and awkward – tolerable.  and i did finish the small one to hang – just doesn’t yet have a cover or the eye-hooks to allow for hanging it.  soon.

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