the date for the second (follow up) class in fallon has been set – it will be oct. 9th.   that is, if it doesn’t snow!!  unfortunately that means i will not be able to participate in the Art on 49 event in Drytown.  just thought i’d put that in here for those of you in this area.  you might want to check it out – looks to be a really fun event.  vendors will be setup along the highway and ‘creek’ (i think), as well as at and inside The Old General Store.  it’s not just a ‘quilt’ type show – more arts and crafts.  should be fun.  rain or shine, by the way. 

so, there are 25 people signed up for the class – that means 3 more than were in the first one.  and that means i will have to do a ‘mini-class’ within the regular class as some of what i teach is a little different (normally) from what folks are doing.  to account for that, i think i will ask for an additional $15 for each of those 3 students.  i think i can work it all in with no distraction.  we’ll just have a little mini-session off to one side at the beginning. ^_^

no pictures here again, sorry.  having trouble working around the computer problem in the picture category.  this laptop makes it tougher to get pictures off the camera – not to mention all of the original ones are stored on the desktop.  have to do the external storage device thing to transfer from one to the other.  sorry.  besides, nothing worth posting right now anyway – picture-wise.

peace, love, and beauty