September 2010

long time on the road – really glad to be home in my soft bed. ^_^  you’d think the extra fat on these hips would have been enough – not so after 10 days.  drive home was long but thankfully ‘uneventful’.  now i just have to get into a new groove here.  first must clear out the van and then head into office this afternoon.  tomorrow i must make sure i have enough kits for the next  class on wed.  no rest for the weary. 🙂  still, life is good!!

peace, love and beauty

tomorrow is the day – i leave and will be on the road for nearly 2 weeks.  as always, these days, i find myself feeling a little unsure – dare i say a little ‘scared’??  i’m always ok once i’ve begun – or at least fairly quickly after. ^_^  i thought i’d share the pictures i took of the van loaded.  so far only the business stuff – no suitcase or rolling ‘office’ or food, etc.  i had to find out if it would all fit – the new racks, that is.  looks like it will be ok.  will be a little tight sleeping in there with everything still loaded – but then, that’s always been the case.  i think i actually have more space now – except for where that folding rack butts up against the mattress. ^_^  check it out.

before i leave, i will unroll and inflat the mattress – much easier than doing in the rest area after having driven for 9-10 hours.  will put sophie’s bed on top of it while we drive.  somehow we both manage to sleep on that very narrow bed. ^_^

i have made better use of the side areas than i did before.  was surprised how much i could fit between the rack and the wall – on both sides.  no longer have to squeeze the tiny tables into the little space between the platform and the back door.  and the new racks have eliminated 2 tubs, which saves some floor space as well.

the directv guy is here right now.  sure hope my tv is finally fully functioning by the time he leaves.  at that point i must head to the office for a bit, and then run the last of my errands.  still have a pattern to take to o.max for copies to complete some kits and the one quilt package.  have chosen my dresses and shirts – and i hope enough other clothes to get me thru non-show times.  will be visiting ee schenck while in portland – before the show.  need to purchase needles.  have none at the moment!  am doing 2 mini-classes during the show so figure i really need those needles to sell.  oh, am looking forward visiting with my grandson, wade, while in portland.  he is going to ‘man’ the booth (literally :)) while i teach.

see you in portland.   don’t think i’ll be online in walla walla.  then again???

love, peace and beauty

i was just not happy with the way that 3-min-block wallhanging looked.  and when i took it to the class in drytown, my ‘fears’ were confirmed – it wasn’t right!  so, i pondered on it for a bit – at least a couple weeks.  and decided to make some changes.  that meant a new picture and a lot of new words in the directions – but it was worth it.  fortunately most of what i had already cut for the kits was still ok.  i hadn’t cut the main fabric – didn’t have it till after i had shown it and decided to make the changes.  good thing!!  so, here is the finished product.

i only cut 4 kits to take – this kit doesn’t normally sell all that quickly.  if i run out, i will do as always and ship it free if they buy at show.

i also finally made the cover for the last rack.  it holds the simply (my) flowers patterns and kits, so traced those onto the cover.  used those inks again.  sure hope i find those again at a show – would like more colors.

wow, 3 pictures in one post.  yea! ^_^  i didn’t trim these, so you can see the ‘mess’ on the shelves behind them.  just a lot of stuff.  and several other things also pinned to that kind of design board thing – just a piece of flannel hanging in front of the (bamboo/match stick)shades that cover most of the shelves.  nothing fancy around here!!

peace, love and beauty