November 2010

in keeping with my committment to post something everyday – i have an update to share.  i completed the second of the 4 mini’s for the new small wallhanging/collection.  thought i’d post the picture of it in it’s proposed location.  i suppose it could change places with the (new) one in the lower left corner – we shall see.  also, if you are familiar with my designs, you might notice i have done this one a little differently than i normally do.  the lower half, that is the blossom, i usually make all of the pieces petals with just that tiny base being ‘green’.  this time i chose to make the outermost pieces into the green that is the bud or covering of the petals.  not sure why – just my frame of mind at the time.  artistic freedom?? ^_^  i am doing the same thing with the design in the lower left space – which is new and has no precedent.  as always – if you do either of these – you get to choose how.

well, i’m happy to see that things have returned to normal for me here and i was able to space on past the picture and type here. ^_^  gremlins!!

oh, if you haven’t visited the webpage in awhile (or ever) – i have added a second page to the free tips you can get for merely inputting your email address.  it’s words that will eventually go with pictures in a book i am working on – my attempt to write ‘how to applique’ – or more accurately, how to make invisible stitches in applique.  let me know what you think.  will be better with pictures, but even if i had them, not an option for that application.

peace, love and beauty

once again, long time gone from here.  today i have recommitted to posting at least something each day.  some of it will be just ‘musings’ and may not be associated with applique.  i will choose to post those as uncategorized so as not to bring anyone here under false pretenses. ^_^  as for today, am sharing the beginnings of my latest ‘project’ – it is not so much about ‘new’, as in – new designs – as it is about ways to package things to make them more affordable and/or desireable. 

this one will be a package of four mini designs – all 4 are versions of the mum.  i have created one new (& very simple) one, as i only had 3 before.  i will offer it as patterns only – however, will probably put together some fabric packs that can be purchased separately – rather like the individual mini’s – i will offer only the motif fabrics and leave backgrounds and sashings to your stash.  what i choose for a border will determine if i am able to include it.  must have sufficient yardage!

so here are the first two pictures – and i will post new pictures as i ‘fill in the spaces’ with finished samples.  i welcome any feedback.  the cost for the package of 4, with minimal directions with regard to the sashing & border, will be $19.  That’s essentially one free pattern.  i’m still mulling over the cost for the fabrics.

having trouble with this system today.  couldn’t get a space between the pictures, nor could i type next to them and doing really weird things now.     this is truly annoying – can’t get to below the pictures – so – peace, love, beauty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

going to see ‘shrink’ today – no, i’m not totally crazy, just a little.  then, will have a nice visit with my brother.  then, will head up to spend the night with my friend ruth.  she does house/pet sitting and is currently doing that in sabastopol (not sure about that spelling).  it’s kinda fun to visit different homes. ^_^  no office work available wed or thurs, so will probably not get home till early evening tomorrow.  ruth and i like to visit thrift shops and “recycle town” (at the petaluma dump!)  she is always looking for those gems people toss out – she works part time in an antique/collectibles place.  she is also a restorer of antique books.

my only real accomplishment yesterday was to get one of the ‘new’ dresses ’embellished’.  that is, one of the dresses i bought in houston 2? years ago!  those ones i always wear in the booth, with one of my mini designs sewn on the ‘bodice’ area.  still have another to do – applique is done and it is pinned in place.  maybe thurs??  want them both ready for show in sac.  one is red and the other dark olive – perfect for this time of year.  save the pastels for spring/summer. ^_^

no sewing pictures to post – so thought i’d share this ‘buddies’ picture (for a possible smile).  they were nearly touching just before i snapped this – then pepe (the cat) curled up more.

pepe has taken to sleeping in sophie’s bed again, so sophie has been hanging out in bedroom.  now pepe decided to sleep right where sophie has been.  silly cat.  so, sophie just kind of moved over for the day.  cold now, so both staying out here.  door closed.

love, peace & beauty

i finally finished the sample for the new design in the beginners’ series – and it is not for the true beginner.  so, why is it part of that series?  well, because if you start with the first one and work your way thru them – you ‘should’ be ready for it when you get there. ^_^  it didn’t seem to make sense to continue doing super simple designs – not if the goal is for you to do them all and then put them together to make the little wallhanging to show off your progress.  so, each of the first 5 designs give you the opportunity to learn a little more in addition to honing your skills at what you learned with the very first one.  then, 6 & 7 push you a little farther.  and #8 is really just a simpler version of a “real” design.  see for yourself here –

for those who have taken my regular beginner’s class, this picture may look a little ‘familiar’ – no, not the same design, but similar.  it’s actually a little tougher -ok, except for the leaf with the hanging down flower. ^_^  i haven’t officially published the pattern – will handle that over the course of this week and will take it with me to The Old General Store in drytown when i go to teach on the 16th.  will also have it at the show in sac.  and, of course, it will be available on the webpage.

love, peace & beauty

yes, been long time gone from here and not sure anyone will read this as a result!  oh well, kinda of how it is these days.  don’t really have much to say right now – or share.  will be posting a new design soon – the long awaited #8 in the Beginners’ series.  other than that – have just one last show for this year.  just like the last few years – here’s hoping things improve next year!!  i’m ok, just not yet ‘great’. ^_^    as rabbit would say – “buzy, bee back soon”

love, peace, beauty