i finally finished the sample for the new design in the beginners’ series – and it is not for the true beginner.  so, why is it part of that series?  well, because if you start with the first one and work your way thru them – you ‘should’ be ready for it when you get there. ^_^  it didn’t seem to make sense to continue doing super simple designs – not if the goal is for you to do them all and then put them together to make the little wallhanging to show off your progress.  so, each of the first 5 designs give you the opportunity to learn a little more in addition to honing your skills at what you learned with the very first one.  then, 6 & 7 push you a little farther.  and #8 is really just a simpler version of a “real” design.  see for yourself here –

for those who have taken my regular beginner’s class, this picture may look a little ‘familiar’ – no, not the same design, but similar.  it’s actually a little tougher -ok, except for the leaf with the hanging down flower. ^_^  i haven’t officially published the pattern – will handle that over the course of this week and will take it with me to The Old General Store in drytown when i go to teach on the 16th.  will also have it at the show in sac.  and, of course, it will be available on the webpage.

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