going to see ‘shrink’ today – no, i’m not totally crazy, just a little.  then, will have a nice visit with my brother.  then, will head up to spend the night with my friend ruth.  she does house/pet sitting and is currently doing that in sabastopol (not sure about that spelling).  it’s kinda fun to visit different homes. ^_^  no office work available wed or thurs, so will probably not get home till early evening tomorrow.  ruth and i like to visit thrift shops and “recycle town” (at the petaluma dump!)  she is always looking for those gems people toss out – she works part time in an antique/collectibles place.  she is also a restorer of antique books.

my only real accomplishment yesterday was to get one of the ‘new’ dresses ’embellished’.  that is, one of the dresses i bought in houston 2? years ago!  those ones i always wear in the booth, with one of my mini designs sewn on the ‘bodice’ area.  still have another to do – applique is done and it is pinned in place.  maybe thurs??  want them both ready for show in sac.  one is red and the other dark olive – perfect for this time of year.  save the pastels for spring/summer. ^_^

no sewing pictures to post – so thought i’d share this ‘buddies’ picture (for a possible smile).  they were nearly touching just before i snapped this – then pepe (the cat) curled up more.

pepe has taken to sleeping in sophie’s bed again, so sophie has been hanging out in bedroom.  now pepe decided to sleep right where sophie has been.  silly cat.  so, sophie just kind of moved over for the day.  cold now, so both staying out here.  door closed.

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