once again, long time gone from here.  today i have recommitted to posting at least something each day.  some of it will be just ‘musings’ and may not be associated with applique.  i will choose to post those as uncategorized so as not to bring anyone here under false pretenses. ^_^  as for today, am sharing the beginnings of my latest ‘project’ – it is not so much about ‘new’, as in – new designs – as it is about ways to package things to make them more affordable and/or desireable. 

this one will be a package of four mini designs – all 4 are versions of the mum.  i have created one new (& very simple) one, as i only had 3 before.  i will offer it as patterns only – however, will probably put together some fabric packs that can be purchased separately – rather like the individual mini’s – i will offer only the motif fabrics and leave backgrounds and sashings to your stash.  what i choose for a border will determine if i am able to include it.  must have sufficient yardage!

so here are the first two pictures – and i will post new pictures as i ‘fill in the spaces’ with finished samples.  i welcome any feedback.  the cost for the package of 4, with minimal directions with regard to the sashing & border, will be $19.  That’s essentially one free pattern.  i’m still mulling over the cost for the fabrics.

having trouble with this system today.  couldn’t get a space between the pictures, nor could i type next to them and doing really weird things now.     this is truly annoying – can’t get to below the pictures – so – peace, love, beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com