December 2010

wish i could write i am ‘in the spirit’, but i’m just not.  have not done any shopping, nor do i intend to do much – if any.  at the moment – i am just tired and a little cranky.  been doing that part time/help the ‘relative’ job again and once again, it seems to be gobbling up all my time.  add to that the steady rain and some wind out there after a dark and wet day.  was supposed to be out of that office by 2pm.  it was after 5:30 and i still have something i must do tomorrow.  grrrr  we are going to have to talk!!!!

so, as you might guess – the dragonflies have not gotten very far.  i promise i will work on them tomorrow.  i can just see that tucson trip barreling down upon me.   and why didn’t i empty the van yesterday when the sun was shining and it was not quite so chilly.  don’t expect much more of that weather for a long time!!  going to be just plain cold working in that garage.

ok, now that you are sufficiently cheered up by my whining, i will close and go sleep off my grumbles.  ho ho ho

peace, love and beauty

it has taken me a little longer than promised to post these pictures.  yesterday was lost to sports – well, at least half the day.  family had been gone sat night when both our favorite teams had played – hockey and basketball, that is.  i’m not sure why, but tom decided to begin watching the recorded versions early – no, i mean REALLY early!  got the call at 8:15 AM – huh??? so, up i trudged, yogurt and granola in hand.  made our way thru those ok.  bruins managed to lose again – in O.T., grrr.  celtics came thru with flying colors, so to speak.  then – on to the bengals(bungals!!!)  what is up with those guys???????  by then – i was done!  chose to pass on the niners’ game.  still hard to even pretend to root for those guys. ^_^  but, candace gets equal time, as well she should.  just not a lot of company during. ^_^  tom headed to computer and i headed home.  at least he stayed in the same room.

ok, enough of all that totally fascinating news.  here are the pictures of the latest projects in process.


hmmm, did try to put some space between those.  sometimes things just don’t work.  anyway, these are both using the designs i had done for the beginners’ series.  the dragonfly was ok the original size – had to reduce the butterfly a bit.  i thought i was going to love that butterfly fabric – even made sure i got the purple in one.  now, i see that the red and yellow show up a lot better.  i have chosen another fabric and will do a second sample with very bright yellow/orange, one that will remain on the table in the booth so that folks can check out the whole ‘reverse applique’ thing first hand/hands-on.  i’m planning to use black instead of green and make it a (very) abstract ‘monarch’. ^_^  stay tuned!

these designs are part of the “In a Word” series – these being Balance and Beauty (per my ‘animal wisdom’ book).  there will be a turtle and a lizard added at some point (soon).

peace, love and beauty

just had to use that date! ^_^  love numbers.  truth is, nothing to post right this minute – will post something later today, with a picture, i promise.  am working on the piece using the dragonfly and will also be doing a similar one with the butterfly.  i may begin the butterfly before i finish the dragonfly as it should go faster and give me something to show more quickly.  i mean, as a finished piece.

other than that, the sun is shining and i am feeling good and have a couple dollars in my pocket.  life is good.

peace, love and beauty

i finished the 4th mum yesterday and thought i’d post a picture of all 4 of them as they will probably be set in the mini-wallhanging.  now i must get the sashing on – planning to use black.  the hardest part could be finding the right border fabric.  we shall see.  would like to use something i already have – but could have to go visit aunt myra!

and there ya have it.  now, i’m working on a new  version of that little dragonfly that’s part of the beginners’ series.  i’ll post that picture tomorrow.  so, stay tuned. ^_^  oh, and that yellow mum is definitely not the best sample i’ve ever done.  kinda didn’t get those stems positioned exactly right. oops.

peace, love and beauty

well, it is taking a little longer to complete that last mini – due to interruptions and the simple fact that it has a lot of pieces.  so, i took a picture of it in progress – as it was before i began working this morning.  turns out, i am liking the bright yellow.  so, i will probably be offering these same fabrics as one of the options for the little ‘kits’ with the single pattern.  it will replace the peach one, which has never been very popular for some reason.  and, truth is, those fabrics are gone.    and while talking about that – can you believe someone walked off with one of those half-finished samples i always have out there for folks to touch and look at closely!  at piqf – guess i could take it as a compliment – mostly it’s annoying.  means i must make another in order to sell those little (red)kits. grrrr

nice suuny yellow on the dark an rainy day in northern calif. ^_^  and i will probably be able to post the finished piece pinned in place with the other three – tomorrow.  so – stay tuned. ^_^

peace, love and beauty

Perhaps the “Game of Life” is mirrored in the physical games/sports we play. (me being a big sports fan probably brought these thoughts up)  There is a goal in every game – to “win” – to score (the most) points in sports=winning=success.  There are errors and fouls – “mistakes”, which produce the opposite of our goal – set us back, create deficits in our numbers, make us feel bad, hurt others, ‘turn the ball over’ to the ‘other’ etc.  In a sports game – the game goes on, the players quickly “right” themselves and move on toward their goal.  They continue to play the game they began and remain focused on their goal.

In the ‘game of life’, we often let our errors and fouls divert us – we get side-tracked, kind of create a different game – lose sight of our goal and remain stuck in a circular game of guilt and revenge – each ‘re’-action creating yet another cycle and going no where – swimming in circles in our selfmade whirlpool that takes us farther into the dark and away from the (our) light and our goal. 

Wake up – get back into the real game.  Accept your mistakes – “suffer” the consequences and stay focused on your goal – which is Be in the game, do your best – give it your all, obey the rules (the 10 commandments?????), break the rules – get up and begin again.  And the goal??  Love  Peace  Joy Beauty Health Abundance and Grace REALIZED in each moment of Now.  Game ends = leave this plane, go Home to rest and come to play another day. ^_^

peace, love and beauty

and now there are 3 – blocks finished, that is.  today i will begin the 4th and last one.  then, i will add the black sashing that will create the little wallhanging using all 4 blocks.  and then – what could turn out to be the ‘tough’ part – choosing the perfect border fabric.  we shall see.  would love to find something in my own inventory – realize i might have to visit my friend ‘aunt myra’!  so here’s how it looks so far:

as you can see, the 4th one has a few more pieces than the pevious 3. ^_^  i’ve never done it in bright yellow, so it will be interesting to see if i like it.  but, hey – isn’t yellow the favorite color when we purchase those lovely fall mums??? ^_^

man, i wish cleveland had won last night!!  first (and probably last) time i’ve ever rooted for a team from cleveland!!!!

peace, love and beauty

i see my connection with God/All There Is as a kind of “tether” that allows me to play fully in this world while know (at some deep level)that i am safe and all is well.  it is a level deep enough to allow me to fully experience my humaness and all its inherent emotions and sensations – and, yes, even to sometimes forget the Truth of my Being – until there occurs a gentle “tug” – and i am once again aware of Who I Am – a Spritual Being having (chosen) a human experience.  i have come to listen and watch for those “tugs” – to pay attention.  have you seen the ad for the new Christmas movie (Santa Paws)?  the line that snapped me back into awareness is: “All you have to do is believe.”  i heard that with my heart!  once again – “I can trust life’s process and know peace.”