and now there are 3 – blocks finished, that is.  today i will begin the 4th and last one.  then, i will add the black sashing that will create the little wallhanging using all 4 blocks.  and then – what could turn out to be the ‘tough’ part – choosing the perfect border fabric.  we shall see.  would love to find something in my own inventory – realize i might have to visit my friend ‘aunt myra’!  so here’s how it looks so far:

as you can see, the 4th one has a few more pieces than the pevious 3. ^_^  i’ve never done it in bright yellow, so it will be interesting to see if i like it.  but, hey – isn’t yellow the favorite color when we purchase those lovely fall mums??? ^_^

man, i wish cleveland had won last night!!  first (and probably last) time i’ve ever rooted for a team from cleveland!!!!

peace, love and beauty