Perhaps the “Game of Life” is mirrored in the physical games/sports we play. (me being a big sports fan probably brought these thoughts up)  There is a goal in every game – to “win” – to score (the most) points in sports=winning=success.  There are errors and fouls – “mistakes”, which produce the opposite of our goal – set us back, create deficits in our numbers, make us feel bad, hurt others, ‘turn the ball over’ to the ‘other’ etc.  In a sports game – the game goes on, the players quickly “right” themselves and move on toward their goal.  They continue to play the game they began and remain focused on their goal.

In the ‘game of life’, we often let our errors and fouls divert us – we get side-tracked, kind of create a different game – lose sight of our goal and remain stuck in a circular game of guilt and revenge – each ‘re’-action creating yet another cycle and going no where – swimming in circles in our selfmade whirlpool that takes us farther into the dark and away from the (our) light and our goal. 

Wake up – get back into the real game.  Accept your mistakes – “suffer” the consequences and stay focused on your goal – which is Be in the game, do your best – give it your all, obey the rules (the 10 commandments?????), break the rules – get up and begin again.  And the goal??  Love  Peace  Joy Beauty Health Abundance and Grace REALIZED in each moment of Now.  Game ends = leave this plane, go Home to rest and come to play another day. ^_^

peace, love and beauty