well, it is taking a little longer to complete that last mini – due to interruptions and the simple fact that it has a lot of pieces.  so, i took a picture of it in progress – as it was before i began working this morning.  turns out, i am liking the bright yellow.  so, i will probably be offering these same fabrics as one of the options for the little ‘kits’ with the single pattern.  it will replace the peach one, which has never been very popular for some reason.  and, truth is, those fabrics are gone.    and while talking about that – can you believe someone walked off with one of those half-finished samples i always have out there for folks to touch and look at closely!  at piqf – guess i could take it as a compliment – mostly it’s annoying.  means i must make another in order to sell those little (red)kits. grrrr

nice suuny yellow on the dark an rainy day in northern calif. ^_^  and i will probably be able to post the finished piece pinned in place with the other three – tomorrow.  so – stay tuned. ^_^

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