it has taken me a little longer than promised to post these pictures.  yesterday was lost to sports – well, at least half the day.  family had been gone sat night when both our favorite teams had played – hockey and basketball, that is.  i’m not sure why, but tom decided to begin watching the recorded versions early – no, i mean REALLY early!  got the call at 8:15 AM – huh??? so, up i trudged, yogurt and granola in hand.  made our way thru those ok.  bruins managed to lose again – in O.T., grrr.  celtics came thru with flying colors, so to speak.  then – on to the bengals(bungals!!!)  what is up with those guys???????  by then – i was done!  chose to pass on the niners’ game.  still hard to even pretend to root for those guys. ^_^  but, candace gets equal time, as well she should.  just not a lot of company during. ^_^  tom headed to computer and i headed home.  at least he stayed in the same room.

ok, enough of all that totally fascinating news.  here are the pictures of the latest projects in process.


hmmm, did try to put some space between those.  sometimes things just don’t work.  anyway, these are both using the designs i had done for the beginners’ series.  the dragonfly was ok the original size – had to reduce the butterfly a bit.  i thought i was going to love that butterfly fabric – even made sure i got the purple in one.  now, i see that the red and yellow show up a lot better.  i have chosen another fabric and will do a second sample with very bright yellow/orange, one that will remain on the table in the booth so that folks can check out the whole ‘reverse applique’ thing first hand/hands-on.  i’m planning to use black instead of green and make it a (very) abstract ‘monarch’. ^_^  stay tuned!

these designs are part of the “In a Word” series – these being Balance and Beauty (per my ‘animal wisdom’ book).  there will be a turtle and a lizard added at some point (soon).

peace, love and beauty