wish i could write i am ‘in the spirit’, but i’m just not.  have not done any shopping, nor do i intend to do much – if any.  at the moment – i am just tired and a little cranky.  been doing that part time/help the ‘relative’ job again and once again, it seems to be gobbling up all my time.  add to that the steady rain and some wind out there after a dark and wet day.  was supposed to be out of that office by 2pm.  it was after 5:30 and i still have something i must do tomorrow.  grrrr  we are going to have to talk!!!!

so, as you might guess – the dragonflies have not gotten very far.  i promise i will work on them tomorrow.  i can just see that tucson trip barreling down upon me.   and why didn’t i empty the van yesterday when the sun was shining and it was not quite so chilly.  don’t expect much more of that weather for a long time!!  going to be just plain cold working in that garage.

ok, now that you are sufficiently cheered up by my whining, i will close and go sleep off my grumbles.  ho ho ho

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