yep, been gone a long time again.  still dealing with the issue of double work to post pictures and that seems to lessen my desire to post anything.  however, feel it’s just time to write something today.

so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  i pray it is a better year for everyone – even if you had a good one last year!  i know many didn’t.  me?  guess you’d say i held my own.  still here and still living in the same house and the van is still running. ^_^

so, i am nearly finished with the dragonfly in triplicate – as part of the In A Word series.  am down to the tiny holes, so in order to give myself a little break, just finished drawing the turtle.  after that will be a lizard.  the dragonfly is “Balance”  and the turtle is “Wisdom” – as noted in a book i have called “Animal Wisdom”.  perhaps i’ll get really ambitious and post a picture of them in progress tomorrow.  for now, it’s actually time to get to work stitching.  may be called into the office later on – for my part time/help someone out sorta ‘job’.  for now, monitoring the email and phone from here.

peace, love and beauty