i really have no idea how long it’s been since i did this – not worth looking up!  i have now made a new commitment to do this on a regular basis again.  can i promise every day?  only when i am in town and not at a show, sleeping in the van with no wifi! ^_^

speaking of all that, i did purchase a new. little ‘netbook’ to carry with me.  this big old laptop is huge and weighs a lot.  the new one fits inside my suitcase – which doesn’t usually have much in the way of clothes in it as my show uniforms are always on hangers.  much better for space – especially when on long trip and i must sleep in there along with all the ‘stuff’ – not to mention sophie dog!  every saved inch of space counts!

i have some pictures of new designs to post – but today, i’m going to post a picture of a quilt i didn’t do.  it was done by a ‘customer’ – using my designs and the kits i was selling for them at that time.  in fact, i did a special kit for #13 for her – to balance the colors overall.  she did a really wonderful job and i am thrilled to have the pictures!  i think you will enjoy this one as well. ^_^

didn’t she do a fabulous job?!  and i think that’s my favorite way to do them – rather than the traditional blocks format.

so, the good news is – i’m still here.  and we are still in our home.  life is good, all is well.  this year seems to be going well.  i have had some trunk shows and classes – those always help.  and i have traveled many a mile – did a 2000 mile trek in march, to portland and washington.  yes, it did rain.  a lot.  also drove thru a blizzard on the way home – not fun.  still, had lovely visit with fellow vendors/friends and made it home safely and with some change in my pocket. ^_^  even got to visit with grandson, in portland.

ok, will save some chatter for tomorrow.

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