in keeping with my new commitment to post something most every day – thought i’d showoff the 2 new mini designs.  i have finally also added them to the webpage.  i tell everyone that it’s all available on the page – decided it might be good to make that true! ^_^

one of these was designed so i could create a small wallhanging – like i did with the 3 ginko designs – but i wanted it to have 4 blocks.  went back to the crest book – actually using a new one my friend ruth gave me – and searched for another suitable version of the chrysanthemum (mum). this one is very easy, – a good one (alone) for beginners.

the second one is another iris – can’t seem to stop doing those!  this is the 5th mini iris!  and it’s done like the very first one – using an overlay that allows the finished block to be larger than the normal 6″ mini.  perfect for a small accent pillow.  at some point, i will put the 3 together that are done this way – then again, may need a 4th? ^_^

  so, there you have it – tomorrow i will post the picture of the little 4-block wallhanging that includes that one on the left.

i have also begun the beading again – i sold nearly all the pins at the shows up north – very exciting!! ^_^  i have one ready for a back and one that i started to put the back on and then realized i had forgotten to attach the actual pin first!  i do that prior to attaching so i can sew thru the plastic backing and make the pin secure!  i have finally removed all those beads and stitches and it’s been waiting a long time to be completed.  soon??? ^_^

peace, love and beauty