not much, can’t even hear or see it – just looking at drops on the wire fence and a little dripping from my roof.  while only clouds from here to horizon, looking a tad lighter over there at least.

managed to keep myself working at least most of the time yesterday.  i’m working on a new design for the ‘in a word’ series, a turtle.  have to admit his little legs/feet are a slight challenge.  not awful, just a little.  and the space between them and the body is very narrow!  i will have to add a note, perhaps even on the pattern? – you have to trim away the seam allowance from the body in order to make space for the leg’s seam allowance!  once you do that, it’s ok.  it’s amazing how much you can cram into such a narrow space.  did the same thing in the “peace” design – the lotus blossom.

i also started a couple more pins – finished one collar and began a second.  have 2 more cabs glued down and ready.  oh, and one i did ages ago.  lots of choices when i get ready to do the really ‘creative’ part. ^_^

and here’s a picture of the little 4 block mini wallhanging that i used that 4th mum for.  someday i will add a border.  for now, it takes up less wall space this way.  and wall space is becoming a problem in a standard 10 x 10 booth.  i’m willing to go the extra $$ for a 10 x 15, when available – but paying for a double booth is still a challenge for me.  i operate on a very slim margin most of the time!  i really do like to eat. ^_^  ok, and then there’s the wine – and the whipping cream for my coffee.  ^_^

  so there you have it – perfect size to add a touch of color and fun.  there are kits for all of them- the ones i do that don’t include a background.  however, they are not available on the page – you would have to send me an email to get them.

and now it’s time to get to work here.  my plan is to actually de-hair the place today.  every now and then even i can’t handle it and must pull out the vacuum.  at some point, i need to purchase a vac that’s made for that purpose.  problem is, they are usually so big!  the amount of carpet than can be cleaned with a vac is sooo small!  and then there’s the ‘where to store it’ issue!  my little vacs fit nicely under my bed!  is a puzzlement.

peace, love & beauty