it is fascinating to look at the stats and wonder how anyone finds this blog.  makes me wonder where it shows up such that anyone can click on it.  yes, i am a little naive/ignorant about this whole blog thing.  it’s ok, have enough other stuff i need to learn more about! ^_^  so, i’ll just write and post some pictures and hope someone enjoys looking at them.

today i thought i’d show some of the other things i’m working on – the pins i began making a year or so ago.  i sold most of what i had while at the shows up north, so time to make some more.  was feeling a little apprehensive about it as it’s something i’ve mostly taught myself and was feeling like i would have to teach myself all over again.  the other day i was putting away the beads i had purchased while at the show in auburn and in the process of ‘playing’ with beads – found the perfect accent beads to add to the pin i had started ages ago.  found them in the ones i had purchased in wa at that show.  that was a pretty healthy purchase, for me – so now feel ‘justified’ in having spent about $100!  i set the beads on the pin and let it be for a couple of days.  when i decided it was time to just ‘do it’ – i was able to complete that one with relative ease.  yea!  it has an unusual cab and it’s also a ‘weird’ color – unless you are a fan of limey/chartreuse green (as my sister is).

the background fabric (that won’t show once it’s an official pin) is not so ‘limey’.  there’s also some turquoise in the glass cab – so used some blues/turquoise beads as well.  i’m happy with how it turned out.  sure hope there is someone out there who just loves that color. ^_^

yesterday i put collars around the cabs i had picked from those waiting to be transformed.  i had also bought some of those from my friend harlin who was also a vendor at the auburn show.  i think they were mostly ‘orphins’ for him, but  they will work nicely for me. ^_^  so here is how a pin looks in the very first stage of creation.  there are 5 – tried to get them all in one shot – couldn’t get flash to go off and then decided to split into two groups.

the little blue one on the left has actually been waiting since when i began the green one!

the one at the bottom is a natural, polished stone – one i brought with me from ohio.  have a bunch of those!  in fact – have another pin ‘done’ and waiting for a ‘pin’ – and maybe some fringe??  we shall see how that one ends up.

and now i need to get back to work here.  i can’t wait to see how many people find this one. ^_^

peace, love & beauty